Shell 3 Apartments, Ikoyi, Lagos


This development for Shell Trustees Nig. Ltd, (STNL) (now known as Shell Nig. Closed Pension Funds Administrator, SNCPF) comprises 4 blocks of residential accommodation laid out on an 11,000sqm plot in the Second Avenue Extension layout opposite the popular Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos. The site was arranged to have the 4 residential blocks, each containing 8 apartments, focus on a central recreation area comprising gardens, a swimming pool and a clubhouse next to it.


The style of the architecture is urban contemporary with great thought given to energy efficiency through recessed and shaded openings. The quality of the design and finishing endeared the project to many, especially the users, and the client commissioned us to repeat the design (with minor changes) in one of their existing estates in Abuja. The project has since become a reference point for all of Shell’s residential developments in Nigeria.

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This, apart from keeping the U-values low thereby reducing the cooling load within the building, also neutralizes certain pollutants in the air, purifying the atmosphere around the building.

These together with other measures and components employed in the proposal are designed to enhance a good sustainability rating for the building. The project is in the Detailed Design stage, and it is hoped that it will be on site by Q1 of 2019.