Protea Hotel Leadway (Now L’Eola Hotel), Maryland, Lagos

Hospitality and Retail

The Project, having been sited just outside an existing residential estate in Maryland, Lagos, was conceived as a facility that will be renowned for its style and exclusivity and ultimately pull its own clientele as a 'Landmark Lodge', yet without alienating itself from the residential suburb.

This unique 3.5-star hotel facility’s most remarkable features include the cozy ‘loft rooms’ on the second floor, the unabashed use of traditional building style and materials creating a warm rustic feel on the outside, and a vibrant modern feel on the inside.


The Design

It was designed as a glass box, but with a façade clad with geometrically shaped Titanium Dioxide panels. This, apart from keeping the U-values low thereby reducing the cooling load within the building, also neutralizes certain pollutants in the air, purifying the atmosphere around the building.

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Gross Floor Area
Proposed Cost

The Hotel earned us The IDEA award for the Hospitality Architect of the year in 2014 and has continued to be the preferred accommodation for many, solely because of the ‘home away from home’ feel it gives.